Make your property homey and bigger

Decoration tips for short-term renters and must-have amenities

Low-cost ways to decorate your space to look bigger and more attractive

Make your space look bigger by applying few of our clever tips

Not many apartments In the South of France have a storage room to stash away unuseful or private items. So every inch of your space counts. Small rooms, or even a big room with a lot of items and furniture can make the space feel smaller, confining and uncomfortable for guests. The trick is to work with simple design concepts and smart furnitures with storage to make your home feel more spacious than they are.

Nr 1: Paint with white or light colors to make the room look bigger and brighter

It is a generally known fact that light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller. For an optimum effect, select soft tones of off-white, blue and green.

Nr 2: Big windows and spotlights to bring in light

The key element to make a space feel more open and bright is allowing in natural lightning. The optimal is to have big windows, a terrace, balcony or/and a garden. Don’t cover or block the windows with big curtains, use sheer window coverings. If your view is bad, work with beautiful plants and lamps to brighten the room. 

For apartments that does not have a lot of natural lighting the trick is to be creative with lighting fixtures and spotlights. Place them in the ceiling in the hall, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and living room. You will be amazed at how this small addition can make a big difference.   

Nr 3: Keep it modern and minimalist

A minimalist interior design is the key. By removing all clutter you will make your space look more tidy, clean and organised. Having a lot of things around makes the space feel small and cramped. Instead by keeping it neatly arranged and out of sight, your space will be viewed and feel orderly and open. If there’s too much going on, all clamoring for attention, it can make the room feel crowded and dirty.

– Remove most pictures and painting on the walls. Keep either one big or few small.
– Remove small carpets and rugs. Keep one big in the living room.
– Limit the number of accessories.

Nr 4: Decorate with mirrors to give the illusion of depth

Mirrors are a great interior design element as they reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. Most effective is by placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors. Also mirrors on the walls, glass tabletops and cabinet doors will give your room a more open feel.

Nr 5: Use your furniture as storage

A sofa or a bed takes up a lot of space. The trick here is to purchase furnitures that has drawers of storage underneath. Also use an expandable dining table, folding tables and nesting tables, which can be tucked away when you don’t need them. Work with big closets and big wardrobes both for clothes handing but also to stash away linnen, bedding, cleaning products and more. Make sure you invest in quality and durable furnitures that are light color. 

Nr 6: Pillows and blankets will make your space look colourful, homey and cozy

The trick is to choose light color furnitures, preferably white, gray, beige and light brown. This will make the space look modern, classy and elegant. Instead work with colourful textiles. Cushions have the ability to transform a space in the blink of an eye. The basic rule is to put one cushion more than the number of spaces that the sofa has. So, for a 2-person sofa, put 3 large cushions. The trick for mixing various prints, such as stripes, flowers and spots, together with plain cushions involves nothing more than finding designs that have a colour in common. So, although the prints may be very different, the colour will bring them together and give life to the arrangement without being garish. We recommend that you choose one dominant colour, maximum two, and that all the cushions should contain or complement these colours. Same rule goes for blankets. Perfect for sofas, chairs, stools, benches, beds and baskets.

Standard basic amenities for your guests

Must have amenities

As a host there’s an inventory of basic amenities should have in your home. These are things that guests needs and requires.

Provided by Riviera Hostify

  • Freshly laundered bed linen on each bed
  • Bathroom toiletries such as shower gel and shampoo 
  • Clean, good condition towels for each guest
  • Two towels per guest
  • Toilet paper 
  • Detergent
  • Coffee and tea

Provided by Host

  • Wireless internet (WiFi) 
  • Hot water
  • TV (with cable or Netflix etc.)
  • Air conditioning and/or heating
  • Enough bed and bedding for for each guest 
  • Extra pillows and blankets – “just in case”
  • Fully furnished kitchen so guests can cook their own meals
  •  Hair dryer 
  •  Iron and ironing board
  •  Plenty of clothes hangers 
  •  Coffee maker
  •  Water kettle 
  •  Wardrobe
  •  Washer/dryer
  •  Dishware
  •  Smoke detector  
  •  Carbon Monoxide detector   
  •  Beach towels   
  •  Sun lounges and chairs   


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