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What does Riviera Hostify do for my home?

Currently, we take on apartments and villas from Mandelieu to Monaco. 

Riviera Hostify will be your extended arm when it comes to renting out your home in the South of France. Instead of having your apartment sit empty or you run the rental operation yourself, as a second job, we will manage the day-to-day operations for you. We will focus on increasing your rental income and remove all the hassle and stress. Sit back and spend more time with your family and make money while you sleep. 

We keep it simple. efficient and high quality for all our clients. We have one package that we offer all our property owners to be able to keep a high standard in our marketing and for our staying guests. Our in-house team organizes professional and outstanding photography and copywriting for each property listing. Then we run everything from pricing management, guest communication, online marketing to hotel standard cleaning, laundry and toiletries. 

Our focus is to offer excellent and quick service for the staying guests so we personally meet and greet them and provide them with your own personal apartment Guestbook with all the details they need during the stay in your home. Last but not least, we will be their contact person during their entire stay. We make sure they are happy and satisfied with their stay from check-in to check-out, to follow up. Read more here.

Engaging Riviera Hostify is always a profitable business.


– We give you more rental days in succession, which means less wear and tear and a higher income/month.

– Our algorithms give you a higher daily price, which means a higher income/day

– We ensure that your apartment is in the best possible condition, which means that you manage your investment in the best possible way.

– We make sure that you feel good, which gives you an increased quality of life.

Riviera Hostify’s fee on your income disappears depending on renting out more days to a higher price/day. In addition to earning more, you get all the work done.

If you use Regimé -REEL, our fee is also deductible.
Could it be better?

We mainly work with Airbnb. However, we are able to offer listings on, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and HomeAway. It all depends on if your apartment matches their platform requirements and target audience. If you already list your apartment on mentioned platforms, just let us know and we will discuss the best potential strategies.

Our pricing algorithm optimizes and updates prices daily based on input from the local rental market, events and locations. To be competitive on the market and maximise your income we don’t recommend a specific fixed daily rate, instead work with city-wide occupancy rates, travel trends, property location, competitor pricing and seasonal demands. 

We work with a commission-based pricing strategy where our income is accumulated from every guest who lives in your apartment every month. This includes deduction of all marketing services and product costs in our service package mentioned above and Riviera Hostify’s management process. We only make money when you have guest bookings. If you would like us to do more professional property maintenance for you, we will charge extra.

We know the hassle and how time-consuming it is to find a good and reliable handyman in the South of France. Therefore, we have a network of handymen to advise you. If you would like us to help you we charge what the third party maintenance company charges plus Riviera Hostify’s project management charges to smoothly run the process for you. All basic property maintenance is included in your service package.

Riviera Hostify’s approach is to take care of our clients’ homes like they were our own. Safety is an important step in our process, however, we do not offer an insurance package and we don’t apply house insurance for You. Even though the platforms have a Host Guarantee insurance programme, it is crucial and we strongly recommend that you have a secure house insurance policy with a French insurance company or with your bank. 

Our support team will guide you to make sure You have the right home insurance policy coverage for renting out your entire property. In France, it is a must to sign up for house insurance when you purchase a property. Together we make sure you have added the rental services. Each property owner has to register and claim the damage of a guest stay themselves to their insurance company. Airbnb, for example, offers a “Host Guarantee Insurance Programme”, that Riviera Hostify’s support team will handle with if there is any damage done during a guests stay. 

First of all, Riviera Hostify recommends You to lock in or remove valuable and personal items. This can be done either in an external storage room or by putting on a lock on a bureau or a closet. Thereafter we will ask you to provide us with a full inventory list of all the items in your home. This list will be used during each check-in and check-out routine. Any obvious sign of substantial damages will be alerted and recorded by our Property Manager. Thereafter we will, case-by-case basis, take action to report damages to the platforms insurance claim team and fix and replace the damage. We also take a damage deposit for each guest booking, that can be used for small damages. However, we advise to take in consideration that there is normal Wear and Tear for Rental Properties, which is not caused by neglect or abuse of the property.

How do we begin?

How do I become a hostify?

First of all, congratulations on the purchase of your new home and for wanting to take the step into the short-rental industry. Once you are ready, fill in our chat form, and tell us where you home is located, and how many bedrooms you have, and Anders will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your request in more detail. Thereafter we will visit you in your home to run through the entire process. Once there is a match between both parties we will sign a contract. 

To be able to rent your home to guests, there are certain amenities that are basic requirements by the rental platforms and guests. All items need to be in a good standard and working. We also require the apartment to be clean and moderate modern designed. 

Bedroom – minimum one sleeping place per guest- one duvet, pillow, mattress per guest (linen will be provided by us)- closet, hangers, iron and iron board, lamps, curtains, A/C

Bathroom- shower or bathtub, toilet, and a sink with a mirror – hair dryer, toilet brush, and a bin- cabinet for towels and toiletries holders (toiletries will be provided by us)

Kitchen- stove, fridge and freezer, sink and microwave- toaster, kettle, bin, basic condiments for cooking, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, pans, pots. – a dining table to fit all guests

Livingroom- a sofa (recommending a bed sofa to accommodate more guests)- coffee table – colourful pillows – miscellaneous items that make it feel more homey and welcoming.

Other – 2-4 sets of keys, wi-fi, heating and hot water.

Riviera Hostify recommends You to lock in or remove high monetary or sentimental value items. This can be done either in an external storage room or by putting on a lock on a bureau or a closet. It is recommended to leave sufficient space for guests to unpack and store their belongings. Make the apartment feel open and spacious. Keep it simple and clean, which will attract more guests. 

To be able to maximise revenue and reviews for your apartment, we recommend as many weeks as possible, with a minimum of 4 weeks.

Once the contract is signed and your home is ready and clean to rent out, we will book our photographer to visit your home. It is important to shoot when the sun is shining so we can capture the light.  We depend a lot of the weather and will book accordingly to that.  

All images are owned by Riviera Hostify and cannot be used for other purposes than us listing your home according to paragraph 4.7 in our client contract. If you are interested to use the same images when you sell your property in the future, you can buy them off from us for an additional cost. If we find that you have used the images without our permission, we are allowed to claim damage cost. 

The “Meublé de Tourisme” is a county apartment registration number. Since January 1st 2019 the French law has made it mandatory to obtain it to be able to rent out your property via online platforms. Therefore, the Riviera Hostify team must have your unique number before we will be able to list your apartment on any rental platforms. If you wish to register it yourself (for free), please do this as soon as possible as it can take from two days up to one week You applying for it via the website of your Taxe de Séjour county. For more information read here. Riviera Hostify can on behalf of you obtain it, but we will charge you an extra 50 EUR for this service. Read more here.

You are obligated to apply for rental permission and a “Meublé de Tourisme” to be able to rent out your property in France It is up to each property owner to deal with the legal permissions to rent out their property and to make sure they are registered and pay correct tax both in France and in their homeland. Riviera Hostify does not take any responsibility and does not give legal advise more than directing clients to information obtained online. It is up to each property owner to do own research and consult a tax lawyer. In France, the regulation allows you to do short lets up to 120- days per the calendar year. Read our Taxation Guide.

First You have to make your home is 100% ready to rent out inform of standard, function and having a “Meuble de Tourisme” verification number. Thereafter, we make sure you have all the basic requirements, that you sign the contract, and then we book the photographer. We also gather important details about your apartment in the form of “Meuble de Tourisme” verification, inventory list, house manuals and description of your apartment. It can take up to 72 hours for the photographer to edit and send us the final photographs. Sooner You organize yourself and one we have all the correct information, your listing will go alive between 2-3 days. Bare in mind that for channels besides Airbnb, the listing can take around 24-48 hours for approval from TripAdvisor and HomeAway, and another 3-4 weeks for due to their independent approval processes.

It all depends on the season, market demand. and the town your apartment is located in. High season for conferences and holiday peak are between March to August. As there are many apartments listed in the South of France we work strongly with making sure your listing have attractive images, creative content and marketing visibility. We have had listings that got 1-3 bookings the same day they were listed online. We also strive for making sure that the guests enjoy their stay and send us a great review. More reviews you have, the more your chances for multiple bookings increase. This is what Riviera Hostify is great at achieving for our clients. 

Riviera Hostify is extremely careful when selecting guests. On Airbnb, we check if your future guests have been well-reviewed. If the guests have no reviews, we contact them directly to confirm if they’re a good match for your property’s rules and requirements. Each guest is required to deposit a down payment for their stay. On other platforms we are not able to pre-check guests online. We don’t know guest personally, we go after online reviews if possible. They might be cases of non suitable guests, but that is uncontrollable for us. However, we always make sure to solve challenges in the best way.

First of all, you have to inform us which months and dates you would like us to help you rent out. We will set this in our booking system. Once your listing is live, you will get access to our booking system where You yourself are responsible for blocking dates to make sure there are no double bookings. Platforms like Airbnb will take a cancellation fee for cancelling a guest booking caused by double bookings. The responsibility is on the property owner to log-in to their account in our booking system and block and unblock dates. Any occurring cancellation fines due to neglected double bookings are paid by the client. 

If you already list your property on other platforms, we can help you switch them to our booking system and manage your existing bookings. However, only as soon as possible we are able to get access and in the right time frame. If you would like to manage the other platforms yourself, then it is very important that you make sure you log-in into our booking system and block and unlock dates to avoid double bookings and thereof cancellation fees. 

We give you access to your own personal host dashboard where you will be able to in real-time follow your bookings, calendar and revenue. 

Payments are processed on the 25th each calendar month.

If you let us know more than 30 days in advance, we will simply deactivate (if your property is listed on our account) or hand over your listing back to you. If you let us know less than 30 days in advance, we will charge a small fine (amount determined in the contract) and you will have to bear the cancellation fines from the online booking platforms that still have active bookings at your property on the calendar.

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