High quality hotel services
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Riviera Hositfy's level of service

The future guest wants to experience the local way of life, but with hotel standard

Since Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry in 2008, where to stay at has become a popular lifestyle choice for many travellers. Future guests will no longer be searching for just a room our a hotel to stay at. They are more and more looking to experience the local way of life. Renting an apartment in their favourite city, gives them the dream experience that they own the apartment, that you live in the neighbourhood – a sense of belonging. Guests no longer want the tourist hotel experience, they are looking for the the home away from home experience. People are also getting more interested in the sharing economy, and the social sustainability of city tourism.

However, moving into a stranger’s home, does not offer the same high standard of amenities, cleanliness or products you find at a hotel. The Riviera Hostify team have many years of service and research experience, which gives us full knowledge about consumer needs and trends. We constantly work on how to best cater to the changing needs of the emerging and enlightened generations of guests that will be best positioned to attract and retain the guest of the future. High-quality service and consumer trends are our essences. 

Hotel quality cleaning service

Our housekeepers are well trained and have many years of experience from the best hotels on the Riviera, Hotel Negresco, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and Hotel Belles Rives. They bring their expertise and hotel method, both when it comes to cleaning and bedding, into the holiday rental section. With our proven methods, all apartments are are always professional cleaned and bedded at hotel standard.  We also strive to only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our housekeepers also checks that our hosts belongings are well-kept and informing us all maintenance issues along the way. 

Riviera Hostify towels

Hotel quality bed linen, bath and facial towels

We work with the same method as the hotel industry where we rent the linen and towels from professional laundry companies to be able to provide the highest bed standards for our guests. Our housekeepers also make sure they are made according to the hotel principle. The quality of the fabrics are the same luxurious and thick material as many hotels here on the French Riviera. This extra services gives our guests the feeling of sleeping in a hotel suite with white cold-magnified crispy sheets. They will sleep comfortable and wake up up rested. 


Swedish "Rot and Rut" tax deduction

Riviera Hostify is approved for the Swedish tax deduction of Rot and Rot” for cleaning and gardening on the French Riviera.
When you as a host or your family members and friends use the apartment yourselves, we always do our professional exit cleaning,
to be able to guarantee that the apartment will always be in the same hotel standard for future guests. 

For all our Swedish hosts this means that we are able to offer Skatteverket’s “Rut tax deductions” with 50% up to 50,000 SEK per person. This makes it more effective and economical for you as an owner to use our services. 

You as a private person don’t need not apply for deductions or tax reductions. After you have paid the invoice, we at Rivera Hostify will apply to Skatteverket to get the deduction amount back on the invoice. 

For more information read on on Skatteverket’s and on Moneymaker website. 



We have partnered up with Rituals and offer our guests the Happy Buddha collection same as many top five-star hotels around the world. The Ritual of Happy Buddha is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedar wood and is designed to boost your mood.


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